Ukraine’s armed forces poised to ‘bag a bunch’ of Putin’s ‘stupid, drunk and brutal’ soldiers: military expert

Russian soldiers drink vodka

Appearing on MSNBC on Labor Day afternoon, retired Gen. Barry McCaffrey said that Russian President Vladimir Putin is “in a box” and on the verge of suffering a humiliating defeat in Ukraine due to the unsuitability of the military forces he has been sending to prop up his invasion of the neighboring country.

As fall and winter loom, the retired general said that the Russian army has been depleted and the Russian strongman has been deploying new troops that McCaffrey dismissed as “stupid, drunk and brutal” with little tactical plans on how to use them

Speaking with MSNBC host José Díaz-Balart on Monday, the military expert says Putin has particular problems in the Kherson region of Ukraine.

“General, I am just wondering, from the 24th of February when Russians began their invasion of Ukraine, there was a lot of legend and belief in the strength of the Russian armed forces, and the effectiveness of its hierarchy,” the MSNBC host prompted. “General, what have we learned about the Russian strength of armed forces?”

“This is pretty surprising. tactically,” McCaffrey replied. “They have been stupid, drunk, brutal, out-of- control, low morale, bad leadership, bad operational directive and right now in the Kherson area, a better part of 15,000 Russians are stuck north and west of the Dnieper River, and Ukrainians are going to try and take them apart, deliberately, piece by piece.”

“They have conducted over 400 artillery strikes over 40 air sorties, that have blown up a lot of ammunition and hit a lot of their command and control. They’re doing partisan and special operation attacks deep in the Russian zone,” he elaborated. “It is astonishing to me.”

“Now, Putin has gotten himself in a box he cannot get out of,” he continued. “They are scrambling to make up Russian manpower, he is afraid to conscript Russian city boys and send them off to fight in Ukraine, so he is emptying prisons, he is using contract mercenaries, and it is not going well for him.”

“Look, I think there is some possibility — everyone is being very cautious, the Ukrainians are playing their operational security pretty well — but there is some possibility that the Ukrainians in the coming 90 days are going to bag a bunch of the Russian Army across the Dnieper River.”

Source: Raw Story