B.C. election 2020: Oak Bay-Gordon Head

© Elections BC A map of the Oak Bay-Gordon Head riding for B.C.'s 2020 provincial election

Oak Bay-Gordon Head has been a Green riding now since 2013 but almost solely due to Andrew Weaver’s own popularity. The former Green leader is not running again this election.

What makes this riding so fascinating is it is the only riding in the province that has had a Social Credit, NDP, Liberal and Green MLA. (Saanich North and the Islands are close but was only created in 1991).

With no obvious replacement for Weaver as the Green candidate, it seems former MP Murray Rankin is now the front runner to take the job. The long-time New Democrat is one of five former MPs running for the NDP.

The BC Liberals held this riding from 1996 to 2013 with Ida Chong as the candidate. The BC Liberals have nominated lawyer Roxanne Helme for this election.

Weaver won a decisive victory in 2017, pulling in 15,257 votes. Liberal Alex Dutton finished second with 6,952 votes and New Democrat Bryce Casavant was third with 6,912.


BC Liberals: Roxanne Helme

BC NDP: Murray Rankin

Swing riding meter

The riding is the only one in BC that has been won by the Greens, NDP, Liberals and Social Credit Party. The Green Party has won the seat in the last two elections.

Oak Bay-Gordon Head was the 71st closest riding in the province based on the winning percentage. Weaver won by 28.46 per cent. It was the third closest of the three seats won by the Greens.

2017 election results

BC Greens: Andrew Weaver, 15,405 votes (52.2%)

BC Liberals: Alex Dutton, 7,008 votes (23.74%)

BC NDP: Bryce Casavant, 6,972 votes (23.63%)

Vancouver Island Party: Jin Dong Yang-Riley, 66 votes (0.23%)

4BC: Xaanja Ganja, 59 votes (0.20%)

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