B.C. election 2020: Nanaimo

© Elections BC A map of the Nanaimo riding for B.C.'s 2020 provincial election

It was billed as the most consequential byelection in B.C.’s history. But in the end the B.C. NDP did what they always do: won Nanaimo.

When Leonard Krog quit to become Nanaimo’s mayor Premier John Horgan’s top guns got to planning the byelection and eventually recruited the MP for the area Sheila Malcomlson to run in the byelection. Malcolmson defeated local businessman Tony Harris by nearly 2,500 votes.

One of the interesting things about the byelection was where the Green vote from the 2017 provincial election went. The Greens dropped 12 per cent in the byelection, with almost 9 per cent going to the Liberals and a bit over three per cent going to the NDP.


Sheila Malcolmson is expected to run again for the NDP.

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Nanaimo is one of the oldest ridings in the province. The last 10 times people from Nanaimo have gone to the polls, nine times they have elected NDP MLAs. The Liberals won the seat in 2001.

Based on victory percentage it was the 32nd closest riding in 2017. Of the ridings won by the NDP, it was 17th closest of 41 ridings won.

2019 Byelection Results

NDP: Sheila Malcolmson, 12,114 votes (49.9%)

Liberal: Tony Harris, 9,691 votes (39.9%)

Green: Michele Ney, 1,783 votes (7.34%)

Conservative: Justin Greenwood, 491 votes (2%)

Vancouver Island Party: Robin Mark Richardson, 112 votes (0.46%)

Libertarian: Bill Walker, 96 votes (0.4%)

2017 Election Results

NDP: Leonard Krog, 12,746 votes (46.54%)

Liberals: Paris Gaudet, 8,911 votes (32.54%)

Greens: Kathleen Harris, 5,454 votes (19.91%)

Libertarians: Bill Walker, 277 votes (1.01%)

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