Russians intensify their advance, suffer increasing losses – UK Defence Intelligence

©Ukrainian sniper. Photo: ArmyInform © Ukrainska Pravda

UK Defence Intelligence notes that Russian forces have increased offensive activity along the entire front line in Ukraine, increasing their losses.

Source: UK Defence Intelligence review dated 21 January on Twitter, as reported by European Pravda

Details: The agency cites data from the Ukrainian General Staff from 19 January, which show that the number of Russian attacks on the front lines had increased by 27% over the previous day.

Additional data from the General Staff comparing 14-18 January to previous five-day periods confirms this increase.

Furthermore, UK intelligence says the number of Russian military equipment losses increased by 88% during these five days, while Russian tank losses increased by 95%.

The number of manpower losses in the Russian Federation’s occupation forces increased by 15% during the same period, according to the UK analysts.

The analysts also stated that these data show a consistent increase in the intensity of Russian offensive operations across the entire front over the last two weeks.

The review points out that frozen ground allows armoured vehicles to move more easily, which is contributing significantly to Russian activity.

In a previous review, the UK Defence Intelligence analysed the current situation on Kherson Oblast’s left bank, where Russian occupying forces are failing to drive out Ukrainian units even though the latter are outnumbered.

Previously, the intelligence department stated that Russia was using another A-50 more cautiously after it recently lost another such long-range radar detection aircraft.

Source: Ukrainska Pravda