NBC editor slams CPAC after group denies Nazis attended: ‘The Nazis introduced themselves’

Donald Trump, Matt Schlapp © provided by RawStory

Donald Trump headlined at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) where there were several Nazis reportedly in attendance, but the group has emphatically denied it. Still, an editor at NBC is ready to debunk the group’s false claims using photos.

The news outlet reported the Nazi allegation on Saturday, saying that they “mingled openly at CPAC” while they spread “antisemitic conspiracy theories” and find allies.

“The presence of these extremists has been a persistent issue at CPAC, and in previous years conference organizers have ejected well-known Nazis and white supremacists such as Nick Fuentes,” according to NBC’s report.

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CPAC’s Matt Schlapp hit back on Sunday, saying “NBC’s claim that there was a Nazi presence at CPAC 2024 is false, misleading, and grossly manipulative—especially coming from a writer who has carried the water for Hamas in much of his reporting on the Israel-Gaza war.”

“CPAC has made it absolutely clear that we stand with Israel and the Jewish people…and against the hatred of Jews,” he wrote. “Our board and international partners unanimously passed a resolution this week reiterating that strong, clear, and unequivocal position. We hosted a special event at CPAC in celebration of and solidarity with Israel, and we are leading an ongoing initiative as an organization supporting Israel.”

He concluded:

“When we come across someone at CPAC peddling any kind of anti-semitism, we deal with them immediately. Knowing this, NBC weaved together lies and fabrications to create a false perception, and we won’t stand by idly while NBC engages in willful misinformation.”

Enter Ben Goggin, deputy tech editor at NBC.

“The Nazis introduced themselves to me at a mixer and said they were national socialists, started talking about skull measurements and pushing the conspiracy theory that all races were being controlled Jewish people,” he said. “They were posting about their presence at CPAC online.”

Goggin also included “a post from one mentioned in my piece wearing a cpac badge.”

“In the next video, he’s giving a Nazi salute in the lobby of the conference hotel. There was a notable presence at the conference whether CPAC was aware of it or not,” he added Sunday. “Either CPAC is lying about having no idea about this, or they simply don’t have a grasp on who they approved to come to their conference.”

Source: Raw Story