Japan aims to transfer biofuel production technology to Ukraine

Illustrative photo (Photo: Getty Images) © RBC-Ukraine (CA)

Japan aims to transfer renewable energy-related technologies to Ukraine, focusing on biofuel production, reports Tokyo Shimbun.

“The government has begun coordinating efforts to provide Ukraine with technology related to renewable energy sources as a measure of support for the country, which continues to face aggression from Russia,” the material states.

The news agency notes that the project is based on biofuel production technology, and for Ukraine, an agrarian country with rich raw material resources, it has been determined that this initiative will lead to industrialization for recovery.

This is planned to be presented as a unique contribution plan at the Japan-Ukraine Conference for Promotion of Economic Reconstruction scheduled to be held in Japan on February 19. The goal is to reach an agreement between the Ukrainian side and the Japanese technology provider.

Other information on Japan’s assistance

Japan, unable to provide military support like Europe and the USA, will focus on Ukraine’s recovery and reconstruction. Japanese companies are expected to provide production technology and related equipment.

Biofuel is produced from agricultural crops and animal waste. As it is used for generating electricity, it is considered a technology that aids decarbonization.

“If the business kicks off, it will become a promising export commodity,” said a representative of the Japanese government.

They are also considering the possibility of future exports to Europe, which they hope will help Ukraine earn foreign currency. Currently, the government is considering the wishes of the Ukrainian side before forming a Council for the Recovery of Ukraine.

Assistance to Ukraine

On December 7, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida announced his country’s readiness to allocate $4.5 billion to Ukraine. These funds will be directed towards the country’s recovery from the consequences of Russian aggression.

By the end of December, Ukraine’s state budget had received about $950 million from Japan under World Bank projects for recovery and social protection.

Source: RBC Ukraine