Germany talks about raising Eurofighter jet because of Russian aircraft

Eurofighter Typhoon fighter jet (photo: Getty Images) © RBC-Ukraine (CA)

The German Air Force (Luftwaffe) scrambled a Eurofighter jet to intercept a Russian military aircraft Il-20M, which was detected in the area near Finland, according to the Luftwaffe.

In a statement by the German Air Force, it is noted that this incident occurred on Monday, February 26.

The alarm was activated in Laage due to the detection of the Russian Il-20M, which was identified without a flight plan to the southeast of Helsinki by our Eurofighter.

The German fighter jet conducted a visual inspection, after which the operation was completed without further incidents.

Gestern wurde unsere #Alarmrotte in Laage aktiviert. Ein Luftfahrzeug – IL-20M (COOT-A) – ohne Flugplan wurde südöstlich von Helsinki durch unsere #Eurofighter identifiziert. Ohne weitere Vorkommnisse wurde der Einsatz nach Sichtkontakt beendet.#WeAreNATO

— Team Luftwaffe (@Team_Luftwaffe) February 27, 2024

The German Air Force announced the interception of the Russian Il-20M aircraft on February 26 (photo: screenshot from

Earlier, on February 27, the General Staff of the French Armed Forces reported that they had to scramble their Mirage fighter jets to intercept a Russian military aircraft Il-20. This occurred near the coast of Estonia.

Air provocations by Russia

Russia has repeatedly used its military aircraft for provocations. In August 2023, American air defense systems detected four military aircraft of the aggressor country near Alaska.

In the same month, the Danish Air Force intercepted two Russian bombers flying towards NATO territory.

It should also be noted that Norwegian F-35 aircraft recently intercepted Russian bombers and fighters. They were detected near the airspace of the North Atlantic Alliance.

Source: RBC Ukraine