EU accession at risk: European Parliament adopts resolution on Georgia’s foreign agents law

Photo: European Parliament adopts resolution on Georgia (Getty Images) © RBC-Ukraine (CA)

The European Parliament has adopted a resolution on the controversial law on foreign agents, which was passed in Georgia in the first reading. The law could pose a threat to the country’s accession to the EU, according to Echo of the Caucasus.

425 Members of the European Parliament voted in favor of the resolution, 25 were against it, and 30 abstained.

The resolution calls for not initiating negotiations with Georgia on EU accession while the law on foreign agents is in effect. Additionally, the European Parliament called for sanctions against the leader of the Georgian Dream party, businessman Bidzina Ivanishvili, and for the release of Mikheil Saakashvili.

The European Parliament also:

・Urged the European Commission to assess how the law on foreign agents affects Georgia’s compliance with EU criteria;

・Called on the Georgian Dream to withdraw the controversial bill;

・Condemned the bill and emphasized that it does not align with EU values, jeopardizing Georgia’s reputation;

・Highlighted that the Georgian government was inspired by similar Russian legislation;

・Reminded that candidate status for EU membership was granted on the condition of fulfilling certain steps;

・Called on EU member states to assess the impact of the law and remind about the consequences;

Urged international organizations to send missions to observe parliamentary elections

The controversial Georgian law

On April 18, the Georgian parliament passed a controversial draft law on foreign agents in the first reading. This is the second attempt by Georgia’s ruling party to pass such a law. The second reading is expected to take place on April 30.

The parliament’s actions caused a wave of protests in Tbilisi. The protesters called for not voting for the law in the second reading.

The Georgian law is criticized not only in the EU. NATO called the decision of the Georgian parliament a “step backwards” on the way to the Alliance.

Source: RBC Ukraine