COVID-19 crisis cascading in U.S. as presidential election drama recedes

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — Just as America’s political crisis begins to ease, the COVID-19 pandemic is back rattling the country’s windows with a vengeance.

New cases and hospitalization rates are setting daily records across the United States, and the death toll is steadily tracking towards 250,000.

States and cities are imposing rigid new restrictions on bars and restaurants as health officials urge caution before the Nov. 26 Thanksgiving holiday.

U.S. President Donald Trump, meanwhile, continues to stonewall his duly elected successor, president-elect Joe Biden.

Biden, who is trying to set a strategy to battle the virus, says Trump’s refusal to co-operate with his transition team could result in even more U.S. deaths.

Biden says his team and Trump’s need to co-ordinate on a plan to distribute promising new COVID-19 vaccines so they can be deployed as soon as they’re ready.

Source: The Canadian Press