Multiple pedestrians struck in west London, Ont.

London police on the scene of a call for multiple pedestrians struck on Riverside Drive near Wonderland Road, November.30, 2021. (Daryl Newcombe/ CTV News)

EXETER, ONT. – Multiple pedestrians have been struck by a vehicle and taken to hospital in west London, Ont, according to police.

Constable Sandasha Bough tells CTV News London there is no information available at this time on the ages of the people involved but injuries range from minor to life threatening.

“I didn’t see the pedestrian[s], I was focused on the car in front of me because this crazy driver was very fast and really close to us,” Carlos Talero who witnessed the crash, tells CTV News London. “[The driver] was very fast on Riverside… and [the driver] just didn’t stop at the red light. This [driver] didn’t stop at all.”

Carlos Talero speaks with CTV News London about what he saw during a crash involving multiple pedestrians and vehicles, Nov. 30, 2021. (Jaden Lee-Lincoln / CTV News)

Bough also says multiple vehicles are involved and the pedestrians were struck on a path along Riverside Drive near the entrance to an apartment building.

The crash, that happened around 6:45 p.m., was not a police chase and is not considered a hit-and-run crash, according to Brough.

Wonderland Road is closed between Springbank Drive and Kingsway Avenue and Riverside Drive is closed between Braemar Crescent and Warren Road.

This is a developing story.

— With files from CTV London’s Daryl Newcombe

Source: CTV News