B.C. election 2020: Vancouver-Mount Pleasant

© Elections BC Map of the riding of Vancouver-Mount Pleasant.

Vancouver-Mount Pleasant bears the title of the safest BC NDP seat in the province.

The riding was created in 1991, and the BC NDP candidate has won overwhelmingly in every election since 2001. And in 2001, it was one of just two seats the party held onto when Gordon Campbell took over after the NDP’s Glen Clark.

B.C. New Democrat Melanie Mark was elected in a 2016 byelection and made history as the first First Nations woman to become a B.C. MLA.

In 2017, she made became the first First Nations woman to become a cabinet minister, when she was appointed to the Ministry of Advanced Education.

Nominated Candidates

BC NDP: Melanie Mark

Swing Riding Meter

This is one of the BC NDP safest ridings in the province.

Vancouver-Mount Pleasant was the 86th closest race in 2017,  based on winning percentage. Mark won by 12,000 votes, or 48.40 per cent. The riding was the easiest to win out of all the 41 seats won by the NDP in 2017.

Election Results 2017

BC NDP: Melanie Mark, 15,962 votes (65.33%)

BC Greens: Jerry Kroll, 4,136 votes (16.93%)

BC Liberals: Conny Lin, 3,917 votes (16.03%)

Independent: Mike Hansen, 212 votes (0.87%)

Communist: Peter Marcus, 135 votes (0.55%)

Your Political Party: Shai Joseph Mor, 72 votes (0.29%)

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