B.C. election 2020: Powell River-Sunshine Coast

© Elections BC A map of the Powell River-Sunshine Coast riding for B.C.'s 2020 provincial election.

BC NDP incumbent Nicholas Simons is seeking his fourth win in a row.

The party has governed Powell River-Sunshine Coast since 2005, though the BC Liberals won it in 1991 and 2001.

Former BC Liberal leader Gordon Wilson held the seat under the Progressive Democratic Alliance banner from 1993 to 1999 after breaking with the Liberal party.

Simons, who won in 2017 by more than 7,000 votes, served as executive director of health and social development for the Sechelt First Nation before entering politics.

The BC Greens did relatively well here in 2017, finishing in third place with fewer than 100 votes behind the BC Liberals.

Nominated Candidates

BC NDP: Nicholas Simons

Swing Riding Meter

The BC NDP has won this riding in the last four elections.

Simons beat his BC Liberal opponent by more than 26 per cent in 2017. Sixty-four of B.C.’s 87 races were closer that year, while 31 of the 41 seats the NDP won were tighter contests.

2017 Election Results

BC NDP: Nicholas Simons — 13,646 votes (50.70%)

BC Liberals: Matthew Wilson — 6,602 votes (24.53%)

BC Greens: Kim Darwin — 6,505 votes (24.17%)


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