B.C. election 2020: New Westminster

© Elections BC A map of the New Westminster riding for B.C.'s 2020 provincial election

One of the oldest electoral districts in B.C., the riding of New Westminster has existed since B.C.’s first election in 1871.

The district is an NDP stronghold and has gone to New Democrats in 15 of the last 16 elections.

NDP incumbent and Minister of Mental Health and Addictions Judy Darcy has held the riding since 2013. Darcy more than doubled the vote share of her next closest competitor in 2017.

However, Darcy is not running for reelection. The NDP have nominated Hospital Employees’ Union’ secretary-business manager Jennifer Whiteside.

Expect the BC Greens to focus on this riding. Green deputy leader Jonina Campbell ran here in 2017, coming in second place with more than 25 per cent of the vote.

Lorraine Brett, the BC Liberals’ 2017 candidate, is running again.


BC NDP: Jennifer Whiteside

BC Liberals: Lorraine Brett

BC Greens: TBA

Swing riding meter

This is considered a safe NDP seat. Darcy won the seat by 26.86 per cent in 2017, making it the 67th least competitive of 87 races in the province. There were only seven ridings where the NDP finished with a wider margin of victory.

2017 election results

BC NDP: Judy Darcy — 14,377 votes (51.93%)

BC Greens: Jonina Campbell — 6,939 votes (25.07%)

BC Liberals: Lorraine Brett — 5,870 votes (21.20%)

Social Credit: James Crosty — 280 votes (1.12%)

Libertarian: Rex Brocki — 174 votes (0.69%)

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