‘Don’t blame it on your passengers,’ Vancouver police warn after Uber driver caught speeding

A Vancouver Police Department patch is seen on an officer's uniform as she makes a phone call after responding to an unknown incident in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, on Saturday, January 9, 2021. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Darryl Dyck

VANCOUVER – An Uber driver caught travelling well above the speed limit in Vancouver last week was called out by police for trying to blame the passengers.

In a social media post Saturday, Sgt. Mark Christensen said the driver clocked in at 114 km/h on the Granville Street Bridge on Friday night.

“If you are an Uber driver, driving 54 km/h over the speed limit, don’t blame it on your passengers,” Christensen wrote.

He added that the driver received a $368 fine and had their vehicle impounded for seven days.

“It just doesn’t seem enough when you are a ‘professional’ driver.”

Vancouver police spokesperson Sgt. Steve Addison told CTV News Vancouver that the four passengers in the Uber had planned ahead so they would have a safe ride home.

“They were unfortunately put in danger by the driver, who chose to drive recklessly and well over the speed limit,” he said.

Fines in B.C. are based on how much over the speed limit a person is driving, among other factors including whether they were in a school or construction zone.

Drivers with one or more tickets for excessive speeding pay a driver risk premium, which is based on convictions and reviewed in three-year periods. More information on these premiums is available on ICBC’s website.

Source: CTV News