A white Christmas in parts of B.C. brings joy for some, dangers for others

A TransLink bus drives down a snowy street in downtown Vancouver, B.C., in a file image. (Shutterstock)

It’s the white Christmas many Vancouverites were hoping for.

After waiting for 13 years for snow to fall in Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley on this special day, winter wishes were granted. However, the snowy weather also came as a risk for others.

“It is a winter wonderland out there for some folks, but for others, this can be a potential death sentence,” said Nicole Mucci, a spokesperson with the Union Gospel Mission.

Outreach workers from the charity said they are concerned about the homeless population, as Environment Canada has forecasted sub-zero temperatures for the next few days, due to an arctic outflow warning.

“When we look at extreme cold or a lot of snow for folks who are experiencing homelessness, there are many, many risks that they are facing,” Mucci added.

In Surrey, a group of volunteers have been working for weeks to assemble hampers and care packages, made up of donations from the community.

“Rain or shine or snow, these people are on the streets. They need blankets, they need sweaters, they need winter clothing. And, they need a little bit of toiletries,” said Erica Beckstead, who organized the packages.

A man named Everett, in line for the hampers, was grateful for the assistance, while also expressing concern for others. “It’s cold. It’s beautiful. And I really just hope everyone makes it home safely,” he said.

Environment Canada has forecasted five to 10 centimetres of snow and bands of moisture over the South Coast through Greater Vancouver and into the Fraser Valley into Saturday night.

Source: CTV News