Trudeau Says The Feds Are ‘Always Open’ To Making Canada’s Travel Rules Stricter

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NARCITY/According to the prime minister, Canada’s travel rules could get even stricter in the future.

During a press conference on January 15, Justin Trudeau was asked whether the federal government would consider an outright travel ban to slow the spread of COVID-19.

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We’re always open to strengthening them as necessary.

Justin Trudeau

In response, the PM admitted that officials are prepared to make the rules stricter if required.

“Our measures have been very strong, but we’re always open to strengthening them as necessary,” he said on Friday.

“We’re always looking at various measures as they are effective elsewhere in the world,” he added.

That said, Trudeau claimed that Canada’s current restrictions, particularly the mandatory 14-day quarantine period, have been “extraordinarily effective.”

It’s a comment that’s been backed up by the Government of Canada, who said last month that only around 2% of all confirmed COVID-19 cases in Canada came from outside the country.

Despite this, the government still recently boosted Canada’s travel restrictions by requiring all incoming passengers to show a negative COVID-19 test prior to boarding a flight into the country.