Trudeau says job of prime minister “crazy,” but he’s determined to continue

Trudeau says job of prime minister "crazy," but he's determined to continue © Provided by The Canadian Press

MONTREAL — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau vowed to continue on as head of government in an interview with Radio-Canada on Friday despite what he described as the personal challenges that come with the position.

Trudeau playfully told radio host Alec Castonguay during a lively portion of the program “Midi info” that he thinks every day about quitting his “crazy,” “super tough” and at times “challenging” job.

But Trudeau said significant domestic and international challenges nevertheless motivate him to remain in the post and face the next federal election scheduled for next year.

Women’s rights, LGBTQ rights and progress fighting climate change are among the issues Trudeau claimed are currently at stake in Canada, and he pointed to global attacks on democracies by what he called extreme populism.

He insisted Canadians will have to make fundamental choices in the next election about what kind of country they want to have.

He said he’s in politics to serve, not to be popular, and he’s convinced he has something to offer as prime minister.

“I couldn’t be the man that I am and abandon the fight at this moment,” Trudeau said during the French-language interview.

“If I wasn’t doubting what I’m doing almost every day I wouldn’t be human.”

Source: The Canadian Press