This New Infographic Shows Exactly What Travellers Must Do To Enter Canada By Land

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Following several updates to the country’s travel restrictions, anybody entering Canada by land will now have to be extra prepared!

new infographic from the Government of Canada explains exactly what travellers will need to cross the border right now — and it includes two COVID-19 tests, multiple documents and a quarantine plan.

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After the requirements for crossing Canada’s land borders were updated last month, officials have used the diagram to explain exactly how the new rules work.

All land travellers will need to arrive at the border prepared with a COVID-19 molecular test that was taken within 72 hours of arrival at the crossing.

They’ll also need the ArriveCAN app downloaded on their phone, with a receipt and test result ready to show border officials.

Documentation related to the trip, such as a passport, visa information and a quarantine plan, will also be required before an individual can cross the border.

They’ll be asked to answer eligibility and health screening questions, before taking another COVID-19 test.


Once a border official has approved an individual’s information and quarantine plan, they’ll be given a take-home COVID-19 test to complete during their two-week quarantine.

Travellers will be required to wear a mask as they enter Canada.

Anybody who entered the country via land will later be required to input their third COVID-19 test information into the ArriveCAN app.

During their isolation period, travellers will be contacted by either federal, provincial or territorial officials, who will check they are complying with the necessary quarantine orders.