The Canadian passport ranked among the world’s most expensive and here’s how much it costs

The Canadian passport ranked among the world’s most expensive and here's how much it costs © Provided by MTL Blog

The Canadian passport is ranked among the strongest in the world, allowing holders to travel visa-free to over 180 countries globally. But it turns out Canadians are paying a lot for that privilege.

A new study ranked the most expensive passports across the globe and passports in Canada cost quite a bit compared to travel documents from other countries.

Compare The Market, an Australian-based service offering insurance, and financial guidance, ranked the most (and least) expensive passports in the world. The company compared 29 passports using three metrics including the overall cost to obtain the passport, the value of the passport based on how many years it’s valid and the value of the passport based on the number of countries the holder can visit visa-free.

Compare The Market noted how nations such as Mexico, Australia and the United States had the highest passport costs at CA$336.53, $329.14 and $240.26, respectively*.

On the other hand, the United Arab Emirates, India and Hungary’s passports were among the cheapest on the list. But how does Canada compare?

Well, Canada falls in one of the most expensive passport brackets. According to Compare The Market, the Canadian passport ranked 23rd on the list, and costs roughly CA$160, while remaining valid for 10 years and granting visa-free access to 189 countries worldwide.

Per the Government of Canada, a 10-year adult passport will cost you exactly $160 with some additional fees for reasons including a lost or stolen passport, urgent or express processing and other administrative services.

Wondering where other countries stand? Here’s the complete top 10 of the most expensive passports, per Compare The Market:

  1. Mexico (10-year passport) — $336.53
  2. Australia — $329.00
  3. United States — $240.26
  4. Mexico (six-year passport) — $190.10
  5. New Zealand — $189.72
  6. Italy — $185.36
  7. Canada — $160.00
  8. United Kingdom — $159.04
  9. Mexico (three-year passport) — $148.65
  10. Fiji — $142.88

As for the countries with the least expensive passports, here’s the complete top 10:

  1. United Arab Emirates — $24.15
  2. India — $26.34
  3. Hungary (five-year passport) — $30.20
  4. South Africa — $48.44
  5. Kenya — $49.28
  6. Spain — $49.49
  7. Poland — $53.39
  8. Brazil — $55.59
  9. Sweden — $58.88

*Currencies were converted from Australian Dollars to Canadian Dollars and reflect the exchange rate as of April 24, 2024.

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Source: MTL Blog