Red fox suffering from mange rescued by Toronto Wildlife Centre

The red fox the Toronto Wildlife Centre rescued. (Toronto Wildlife Centre/Facebook)

The Toronto Wildlife Centre (TWC) rescued a “poor red fox” suffering from mange in Mississauga last month.

On Sept. 12, TWC said in a Facebook post its Hotline and Rescue Teams have been keeping their eye on the fox and its health since July. In August, the fox was found sleeping on an outdoor couch under a gazebo, when it was reported to the centre.

“Sarrah and Darlene slowly approached the fox, who lay curled up on the cushion,” the post reads. ”But the clever animal quickly caught on to their advances and, despite his painful condition, took off into a neighbouring yard and slipped underneath a deck.”

Eventually, the team was able to wrangle the “frightened fox” into their net and bring him back to the centre.

Nathalie Karvonen, TWC’s executive director confirmed to CTV News Toronto in an email that the fox was admitted into the centre on Aug. 19.

The fox has been receiving treatment for mange, which is caused by microscopic mites that burrow into skin. Sarcoptic mange can affect red foxes, and its symptoms typically include hair thinning, hair loss, and skin wrinkling.

According to TWC, after two weeks of treatment, the red fox’s “skin has improved and his fur has begun to regrow.”

“He’ll be released when he’s ready, sporting a warm coat of fur in time for the cooler fall weather!”

Source: CTV News Toronto