Ontario making licence plate renewals automatic, Ford says

Ontario making licence plate renewals automatic, Ford says © Provided by The Canadian Press

MISSISSAUGA, Ont. — Drivers in Ontario will soon no longer need to renew their licence plates, as the government is moving to an automatic system.

Premier Doug Ford made the announcement today in response to a question from the Toronto Star, who reported this week that there are more than one million expired licence plates on the roads.

Ford scrapped the $120 annual fee for the renewals in 2022, and since then, law enforcement officials have said that far fewer drivers are remembering to renew each year.

Ford says today that a bill will be introduced in the legislature when it resumes sitting next week to make those renewals automatic.

He says that way drivers “wont’ have to worry about that at all.”

His office says it will be part of a larger bill that also includes a measure that would require any future provincial carbon pricing plan to be put to a referendum.

Source: The Canadian Press