One Premier Is Now Urging Trudeau To Ban All Non-Essential Travel Outside Of Canada

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When it comes to non-essential travel outside of Canada, one premier is making his opinion very clear.

Quebec Premier François Legault has called on the Trudeau government to ban all discretionary travel from Canada — including vacations and sightseeing trips.

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I don’t want us to experience what we experienced after spring break in March.

François Legault

In a press conference on January 19, the Quebec leader confirmed that he’d already made the request privately.

He said he was now “waiting” for an answer from Justin Trudeau or another federal official.

“We are realizing there are some people who are coming back from international travel with the virus,” Legault explained.

“I don’t want us to experience what we experienced after spring break in March,” he added.

The premier then took aim at those still deciding to go abroad right now, against public health advice.

“I still don’t understand [how] a person decides to go to Punta Cana or to Cancun, in an all-inclusive hotel, given the situation that we’re experiencing here in Quebec,” he said.


Although Legault has called on the Liberal government to take action, he’s apparently prepared to get serious in Quebec.

“If we don’t get an answer from the federal government, we’ll see if we can put in place some measures ourselves in airports in Quebec,” he said on Tuesday.

While no outright travel ban is in place right now, the prime minister asked all Canadians to cancel any upcoming vacations ASAP as he warned that federal travel rules are subject to change at any time and without any notice.