Feds hand Mississauga $113M reward for allowing fourplexes

Toronto, October 26/ 06 - Construction employees works on the site of a home building development off Winston Churchill Boulevard in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. © Deborah Baic /The Globe and Mail

The federal government has made good on a promise to reward Mississauga for loosening its local zoning laws with the addition of almost $113 million in funding.

During a Monday announcement, federal officials gathered in Mississauga to announce the funding, which will be used to make the approval process for new homes quicker and more efficient.

“Today’s announcement will help fast track over 3,000 homes in the next three years and over 35,200 homes over the next decade,” Housing Minister Sean Fraser said.

“By working with cities, mayors, and all levels of government, we are helping to get more homes built for Canadians at prices they can afford.”

Mississauga almost missed out on the funding after councillors failed to approve a series of local reforms Ottawa had stipulated needed to be passed to unlock new funding.

In October, councillors narrowly voted down a motion to allow fourplexes anywhere in the city and for four-storey homes beside rapid transit stops. After the vote, the housing minister called the decision “very concerning.”

The rejected changes were conditions the federal government had laid out to receive money from its new Housing Accelerator Fund.

The local decision was ultimately overturned, however, when Mississauga Mayor, and new Ontario Liberal Leader, Bonnie Crombie used strong mayor powers to push the changes through.

On Monday, the federal government unveiled the city’s reward: $112.9 million to revamp local planning systems from a fund worth $4 billion in total.

“This direct funding will help cities like Mississauga who are on the front-lines of the housing crisis fast track the building of new homes,” Crombie said.

“Given the severity and the complexity of this crisis, we need to be bold, work quickly and use every tool available to us.”

Source: Global News