Canada’s Ban On Flights From The UK Is Already Over & This Is Why

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NARCITY-In a press conference on Wednesday, January 6, Transport Minister Marc Garneau announced that Canada’s U.K. travel ban will officially end at midnight tonight.

He said the ban will lapse, as planned, as it “will no longer be applicable.”

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“We have made that decision based on the fact that we have now put in place, since that original ban, a pre-departure testing protocol.

Marc Garneau

Garneau continued to say that the new protocol “will replace the ban that existed for the U.K. and it applies, of course, to all countries in the world from which flights may come to Canada.”

The ban on flights came into effect on December 20 after a new, fast-spreading variant of COVID-19 was detected in the U.K.

It was then extended for two more weeks to stretch up until today’s date, January 6.

At present, the variant has caused 11 cases of COVID-19 in Canada, reported Global News.

In the press conference, Garneau said that there are processes in place to make sure there is “the highest degree of safety for Canadians” when travelling on airlines.

As of January 7, there’s a whole new system in place for people returning to Canada from another country.