Canada Warns You Could Get Stuck Abroad With The New COVID-19 Testing Rule

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NARCITY-If you were thinking about a trip, the government is warning you to reconsider. With the new Canadian travel rules, they say you could end up stuck abroad.

In a Facebook post, posted a picture of a very stressed looking traveller and wrote “think twice before travelling!”

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Your return to Canada could be severely delayed

The page, which shares the Government of Canada’s official travel advice, went on to say that in some countries they don’t have the capacity for COVID-19 testing.

With the recent rule coming into place that everyone needs a negative test result to board a plane to the True North, this could pose an issue for some.

“Without a proof of a negative COVID-19 test, your return to Canada could be severely delayed,” the post said.

They added that now is not the time to travel.

Airlines also raised concerns about Canadians being stranded abroad in a statement released earlier in the week.

The joint message from WestJet, Air Canada, Air Transat and others said that the quick implementation of the rule meant some people might not be able to get tested in time, leaving them stuck.